Gerry Lane Chevrolet Baton Rouge - Chevy Duramax Review
I have a 2016 Chevy Duramax I bought from Gerry Lane Chevrolet. In February 2017 my truck broke down on me. I called their service dept and they sent a wrecker and towed it to their lot. While on their lot in their custody my two rear wheels were stolen off my truck....
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I bought a new Silverado in July of 2014 from Gerry Lane Chevrolet. At that time they were very pleasant to deal with. I noticed yesterday that the paint was peeling on my roof by the windshield. I inspected it and did not see any dings or dents. The paint is just...
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Mitsubishi MS brought to GL for alternator failure. They refused to just replace alternator without also replacing all seals, valve cover, cam seals, etc to stop oil seepage. 4-$500 job now costing upwards of $1600 +. When my wife picked up vehicle it now was running...
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Re: Gerry Lane Chevrolet I brought my car to Gerry Lane Chevrolet approximately two years ago for the first time to have a problem I was having with the car not starting fixed. Not for the usual reasons a car won’t start. The security system, I think, was...
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mr. man

I totally agree with you, these people are evil crooks who think they are big and bad, but they will see their day in court! Those rude individuals! no respect for the custom...

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Gerry Lane Chevrolet Baton Rouge Car Repair Review

Gerry Lane Chevrolet Baton Rouge
I had my corvette in for service and when I picked it up it was filthy on the inside. There was oil and grease on the arm rest and the driver side floor mat was smeared with greasy foot prints. I was very disappointed and won't be returning for service again.
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